Top 5 Best PS4 games of 2018

Top 5 Best PS4 games of 2018

From blockbusters to indie, reflective explorations to action roller-coasters, here are five of the very best games of 2018 available now for Sony’s PlayStation 4, selected by the insatiable gamers out there. Of course the opinions vary from one person to another, and the updates on the topic can be quite frequent, especially once the old favorites retire and new challengers rise above the pack to win a place in our hearts, but after reading one review after another, at this particular moment, here are the top five PS4 games of 2018;

1. God of War

God of War 5God of War is another one of the outstanding first-party games for Sony. Particularly on PS4 Pro, the game is absolutely amazing throughout its remarkable 50+ hours of supreme gameplay and it is by far the best game in the series to date. With an unbelievably satisfying combat system, absolutely compelling father-son story, and some of the most creative world design you will ever see, this game truly is an essential purchase for every PS4 owner.

i. Large amount of gameplay

ii. Breathtaking scenery

iii. Extremely satisfying combat system

iv. Combat depth through character upgrades

v. Engaging father-son tale vi. No load screens

i. Boss encounters somehow fail to impress

ii. The change of pace needs some getting used to or may even not be for everyone

iii. The ending does not really meet the expectations

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe Witcher 3 has become the crown of the RPG; the game by which all other RPGs should be judged. First of all, this is the largest, most convincing world we have ever seen, and at the same time you are looking at a game with an engaging storyline, quests, and game systems that make that amazing world an incredibly captivating place to exist in. In some opinions, this is the GTA 5 of sorcery and sword, so you should probably be prepared to submerge quite a lot of hours into this game.

i. Captivating game systems and storyline

ii. Big, immersive, and coherent game world

iii. Gorgeously portrayed scenery and characters

iv. Filled with intriguing quests and activities

i. Loading time is quite long

ii. There is an occasional framerate drop

3. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5Ubisoft’slates entry in Far Cry series truly does not disappoint; situated in fictional Hope County in Montana, you find yourself up against Eden’s Gate – a mysterious cult that has enslaved the local population into mindless marionettes willing to carry out any whim they might have. At the front of this situation stands the Seed Family – a quartet of mad, gripping villains, who you have to defeat on this adventure.

Far Cry 5 features have all the same insane, over-the-top world mechanics of its forerunners, including outposts, hunting, and the return of the companion system that has not been touched since Far Cry 2. But for the first time in this series, Far Cry 5 provides a full character customization.

i. Spectacular action and amazing scenery

ii. Four dominant villains, each with their own great style

iii. More immersive than the predecessors

iv. Splendid animal allies and specialist

i. At times sticks a little too close to the previous Far Cry templates

ii. Sort of loses pace when the Seeds are not around

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero DawnHorizon Zero Dawn is, simply put, the most gorgeous console game that has ever been made; it is a beautiful title which needs to be seen to be believed, and it is also one of the finest examples of HDR use in gaming. But there is much more that Guerilla Games delivered: a compelling story, told with a remarkably satisfying gameplay loop. As Aloy, you will take on a glorious open world with bow and arrows, and hunt everything that comes to site. It is an incredibly enjoyable game, and an absolute must-have for PS4 players.

i. Outstanding console game

ii. Engaging story

iii. So many things to do, it is virtually impossible to get bored

i. ‘Waypointing’ can be a little uncertain somehow


5. Bloodborne

BloodborneAn absolutely incredible, PS4-exclusive game Bloodborne marks the spiritual successor to the Souls series by FromSoftware. It is challenging, consistently rewarding, and matchless ever since it first launched. If you enjoy games that present a high level of difficulty followed by unmatched triumph, this is a game you simply have to get.

i. Satisfying, consistent mechanics

ii. Smart level design

iii. Thick atmosphere


i. The style is a little obscure, which might come across as annoying

And there you have it; five best PS4 games by the opinion of a great number of gamers. Did you find the one that suits you the most? Then simply forget about everything around you, and enjoy your gaming experience.

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