Why You Should Select Android? and Best Games of Android

Why You Should Select Android? and Best Games of Android

Android is always known as one of the best Operating System for Smartphone devices. It is true that iPhone is one of the best good choice Smartphone for its perfect security but, Android is also not less than iPhone. With comparison to iPhone, it provides you more free apps, games, books and etcetera. It provides you facility to freely download Youtube videos, music and apps in an more easy way with respect to iPhone which supports iTunes App to do all such things. The latest OS of Android is 8.0 Oreo which is Smarter, Faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever. The world's favorite cookie is now your Device OS. You can also earn money through building creative Android apps with the help of Android Studio Software and Games with the help of Unity or Unreal Engine Software without any cost. There are certain reasons for 8.0 Oreo to be best as -

1. It is 2x faster than previous OS.

2. It helps minimize background activity in the apps that you use very less so that to perform everything fast and convenient.

3. It provides new Google Play Protect to keep your device and data safe from misbehaving apps by scanning over 50 billion apps per day. It scans even those apps which are not installed in your device and it's takes very less memory to perform everything so that you don't need to worry about hanging device ever.

4. It helps to make battery life full more stronger in all the cases as calling, streaming, working and playing.

5. It added more Emoji set to share your feeling more uniquely.

6. It contains many more advanced features in following things -

i. Accessibility button and volume.

ii. Adaptive icons and Ambient screen.

iii. Deep Color and Downloadable fonts.

iv. Install unknown apps and Integrated Printing Support.

v. Share files across internet via web links.

vi. Pointer Capture to cover all mouse input and Wi-Fi assistant.

vii. Textview auto-sizing

And many more, you can read more in detail about 8.0 Oreo on Andoid official site.

Android is also known for cheat in rate and access all the things like high quality camera, apps, games, and etcetera. If you are going to purchase Samsung Galaxy series Android device or LG, HTC or any other else, it will be your good choice. Android contains many more advanced features which will really touch your heart.

Angry Bird GamesAndroid is also favorite part for games. Some best Games in each category of different genres which can never ever forget are as -

1. Angry Bird Games

Angry Bird is a video game franchise created by Finnish Company Rovio Entertainment. The aim of the game is to destroy green pigs by multi-colored birds so that they can save their eggs. It is most popular games and you can check out different types of Angry Bird games in Playstore. Finnish Company also released TV episodes series on this popular game which you can watch through Youtube.

2. Subway Surfers, Temple Run and Etcetera

Subway Surfers, Temple Run and EtceteraSubway Surfers, Temple Run and Etcetera are the popular running arcade games in which all you need is to carefully run to escape from police who is trying to capture you for your prank. There are different types of animated models (themes) in each game based on game name and make your time with complete fun.  

3. Bike, Car, Truck and Other Racing Sport Games

Bike, Car, Truck and Other Racing Sport GamesRacing games especially bike, car and truck game is always the first choice of each player. Everyone likes to play racing games and we are as usual with it with old black and white C programmed classic racing games. With the advancement of technology, now we are able to place unique high quality high definition colorful games for free in our Powerful Android devices. You can find out lots of Racing Games but, it may be your favorite series too -

Need for Speed, Asphlat, Street Racing 3D, Bike Racing 3D, Monster Truck and many more.   

There are many more other types of sports like Chess, football, hockey, cricket, etcetera. You can access your favorite one sport through Google Play Store and you can play with computer or multiplayer mode, a perfect way to make your time with full fun.

4. Shooting Games

Shooting GamesAfter Racing Games, you may like 3D shooting games to kill the smart enemies or for fun with your Rifle. Some best games like Sniper 3D Gun Shooting, Hunting, Army Shooting, Skeet Shooting, Bottle 3D Shooting, Training Shooting, etcetera. You can enjoy all without any hang issue with new Android Oreo Devices.

5. Action Games

Action GamesIt is the genre to achieve the target by putting your efforts (physical challenges) including proper hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Some best action games like Tekken, Sniper, Shadow Fight 2, Ninja Games, Zombie Games, Anger of Stick, Wild Blood, Gangster Rio: City of Saints and many more. You can access all in your play store.

6. Adventure Games

Adventure GamesThe word adventure is known for exiting experience which could be sometimes risky but, overall that incredible time will make your memory bold. Adventure is the physical thrilling activity such as take part in extreme sports for fun or earn, travelling, skydiving, exploring, scuba diving, mountain climbing, river rafting, motor cycling and etcetera. You may enjoy lots of adventure games for more fun. Some best games like Mountain Car Drive, Criminal Case, Ice Age Adventures, Escape the Mansion, Badland, The Hunt for the lost treasure, Minecraft and many more, access all through Android Play store.

7. Arcade Games

Arcade GamesArcade game is the modern style to represent game with high quality buildings, shops, restaurants, bars, amusement parks and many more. However, Subway Surfers, Angry Bird, Temple Run and many more come under this category but, some best real fun you can enjoy with SimCity, City Island, Little Big City, San Andreas, Megapolis, Village City and etcetera. You can access all the HD games for free only on Android Play store.

 8. Puzzle, Board, Casino, Card

Puzzle, Card, Casino and Board GamesThese genres are also popular in the world which having millions of fans and each genre is some similar as all you need is to think carefully to solve the mysterious puzzle or try your luck carefully with proper concentration to win the game. All you need is to put hard efforts to achieve the target. Some best games like -

Chess, Checkers, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Sudoku, Solitaire, 3 2 5 Card Game, Roulette, Big Fish Casino, Slots, Block Puzzle, Flow Free, Math Puzzles, Mazes and More, Roll the Ball, Minesweeper and many more. You can install all only on Play Store of Android.

9. Education Games 

Educational GamesEducation is the primary step for our child which enables him/her to grow smartly in this competitive world and it is important for us to elaborate everything related to the education very carefully. A good teaching can help our child to build bright future. However, the question is - how we can give good teaching to our child? The capacity to learn the things for a child could be comparatively weak but, we can improve it instead of yelling at him/her to learn the things. Yes, we can teach by practicing those things at certain times or with the help of advanced technology, internet and Android Play Store, we can install education games or apps in our devices which enables them to grab everything in more fun way. Some best educational games like -

Educational Games, Quick Brain Mathematics, Puzzle Kids - Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles, ABC Kids, Capitals of All Countries, Coloring and Learn, and many more.      

10. Simulation Games

Simulation GamesThe Simulation Game category is designed from real life activities in which a character played freely by the player in the purpose to provide training, analysis or prediction. Today, lots of simulation games are available for different devices and you can enjoy it more freely with your Android Oreo Device. Some best games under this category like -

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free, Farming Simulator 14, Russian Train Simulator, and etcetera.

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