Every single aspect on a website, be it the outward outlook, the content and the way a website works, is fully dependent on the website design. Designing a website involves a process of conceptualising, organising, planning and collecting electronic files to determine aspects such as text styles, graphics, interactive features, layout, structure and colours among others to deliver pages to site visitors. To achieve the finest and latest web pages developers use various techniques and languages to deliver outstanding websites that meet the needs of customers. They include;



CSS3 – Cascading Style Sheets language is the modern advancement of CSS2.1. The new advancements in CSS3 include the new layout like multi-columns and flexible grid layouts. Additionally, animations and transitions are more enhanced including rounded corners and shadows supported by CSS box-shadow property.



This is a javascript library that simplifies programming in JavaScript. Jquery helps in adding interactivity and animations to a website. It has simplified client side scripting making it simple to transverse through documents and it is easy to use across all browsers.



AngularJS is similar to HTML since it has only been added new attributes above HTML. It is best used in single page applications. It has also been supported by Google since a Google employee started using AngularJS and it turned out the official language. It is a front end web application that solves challenges faced while developing single page applications.



HTML5 is the latest advancement that defines HTML. It incorporates new attributes, elements and behaviours. It is usable by open source web developers. HTML5 technologies have different functionalities such as styling that allows authors become more sophisticated in theme choices. It also allows use and integration of computer hardware and speed optimisation in the performance. Additionally, HTML5 technology allows offline and storage. This enables working offline on the client side thus making it efficient. A connectivity function is also attributed to HTML5 technology in terms of making it easy to communicate with the server in an innovative manner.



This is a programming language of the web and HTML. JavaScript allows powerful additions and interactions with websites, libraries and frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, Jquery and NodeJS are commonly used. It is the most popular scripting language for web pages and also non-browser environments utilise it. It is a prototype based language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, declarative and dynamic languages.



This is a scripting language designed for the server side primarily for web designing. It is also a general purpose language. PHP is also used for command line scripting whereby, you make PHP script run without browser or server. PHP is also used in desktop applications development although not the best for applications unless the developer is extremely versed with advanced PHP features. The advantage of using PHP is that it can be used on all operating systems. It also has support for all web servers. PHP capabilities range from outputting images, pdf files, and flash movies as well. PHP auto generates these files and saves them forming a server-side cache.

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