Top 7 Best Games of Xbox One 2017

Top 7 Best Games of Xbox One 2017

After the success of XBOX 360, Microsoft released on September 2014 Xbox One as the third console in the XBOX Family. It is also the first XBox game console to be release in China and mainly competes against the Sony PS3. It's hardware configuration used AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) which is built around X86-64 instruction set. The new things implemented in the Xbox One as -

1. Xbox Controller having redesigned body, D-pad and triggers which is capable for delivering directional haptic feedback technology.

2. It is having feature to record and share video clips or screenshots taken during the gameplay.

3. The console gives cloud computing as well as social networking features.

4. You can also live stream your console with the help of streaming services like mixer or twitch.

5. Launched Kinect 2.0, it is having redesigned Kinect Sensor having strong motion tracking and voice recognition for GUI and games.

6. It can play Blueray Disc and can cover through its advanced program guide, live TV Programming from an existing set-top box or digital tuner for digital terrestrial television.

7. Xbox One got negative critics due to it was having low graphics as compared to PS4 and so that Xbox One S on August 2016 release to solve the issue.

Xbox One X having major hardware upgrades to render graphics at 4K resolution and set to release in November. Now, after understanding the little review of Xbox, let's take a look at 10 best games of Xbox 2017 -


Dirt 4

Developed and Published by Codemasters on 9 June 2017, it is a rally themed car racing single player game and sixth title to carry the dirt name considered as twelfth game in the Colin McRae Rally Series. The gameplay is very good with good graphics.


For Honor

Developed and published by Ubisoft under own engine Anvil, it is a hack and slash fighting game released on 14 Feb 2017. Fully advanced with robotic look and having high graphics with great VFX. This game allows the players to play the roles of historic forms of soldiers and warriors which including knights, samurai and vikings and covering the medieval period, inspired fantasy setting and controlled using a third person perspective.


Injustice 2

It is made under Unreal Engine, developed by NetherRealm Studios and Published by Warner Bros on 11 May 2017. Interactive Entertainment. It is sequel of Injustice released on 2013. Injustice 2 introducing the loot-drop system, known as gear system in which players get rewards of costume pieces and new equipment which can be used to customize the player look and modify its abilities and stats.


Start Wars Battlefront 2

It is designed by Niklas Fegraeus and publish by Electronic Arts on 17 Nov 2017, it is an upcoming fourth installment game based on the famous file Star Wars franchisee. Having High graphics, intuitive design of each level, single player story mode along with multiplayer character classes.


Snake Pass

As we played snake game in our PCs or mobiles, it is advanced puzzle game made for Xbox One under Unreal Engine. Developed and published by Sumo Digital on 28 March 2017, this game is having 15 levels with four attractive themed worlds.


CrackDown 3

CrackDown 3 is made under Unreal Engine, an upcoming action- adventure open world video game publish by Microsoft Studios. 'This game will focus on destructible environments which can i triggered by players. It will be amazing release of Microsoft Studios of 2017.


Halo Wars 2

It is the sequel of Halo Wars which published in 2009. It is a real time strategy game published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox and Windows PC. This game is based on the science fiction universe of the Halo series in the year 2559 and available in single or multiplayer mode. Upon release, it got positive response from positive critics.

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