Five Best Mobile Apps and Sites With Board Games

Five Best Mobile Apps and Sites With Board Games

D & D Lords of WaterdeepRemember a situation when you are in the underground coming back home and you have nothing to do. Or when you just want to relax after a working day and train your brains a bit. No doubt, the first idea that springs to mind is some challenging online game. With so much technology today it has become much easier to entertain yourself wherever you are. Here we will look at top five mobile apps and sites with board games you can join and enjoy yourself in a useful way.

D&D Lords of Waterdeep

This game is a real find for every fan of strategies. Contrary to many games where you just get stuck and bored, this one holds your interest through the whole game. In Lords of Waterdeep mobile game you stand a chance of feeling what means to be a real lord of the city and get all the treasures. The main advantage of the game is that many people (from 2 to 5) can play it at the same time. Fight, get jewels and make your city the largest by buying new constructions and hiring more people. The one who has more points at the end of 8 rounds is a winner.


Agricola GameA classic but excellently improved board game to have fun at a farm. The mobile version has several levels: each gives you new advantages that help you breed new animals and make your strategy stronger. In contrast to the real board game, you don’t have to make boring calculations with money – everything is done automatically to let you focus on really important tasks. As well, Agricola has a worldwide platform, so that players from different countries can compete in their skills. The new design, which makes it pleasant for the eye to come up with new solutions, certainly can’t be forgotten.


Splendor GameThis game combines all the features of a digital masterpiece. As you go on with your strategy, you will soon find yourself believing in what is happening around. Convincing 16th century settings and pleasant music will bring you to another world of historical challenge and adventures. This app game is constantly improving and all features are a real wait; for example, if you start playing now, you will find a new expansion with the best cities of that time, like Lyon and Florence. What is the goal? Become the most famous merchant in the word, get all the jewelry you can and place yourself at the top of the leader board by connecting your online account.


BrettSpielWeltIf you fancy trying several games at once, it’s better to find a good site with a wide choice. BrettSpielWelt is just the one to help you. The site has several sections with stunning games. Although their number is limited up to some 50 games, they are quite unique and well-designed. Just as well, everything is divided into categories, which makes it difficult to get lost. Finally, the site has its own blog, where you can find opinions from professional players, and a living forum page, where you are free to discuss your strategies and novelties. Unlike most sites on the net, this one is for everyone – whether you are single, with a friend or the whole family, you will surely find something for you.

Board Game Arena

Board Game ArenaPerhaps this the best board game site adapted for a fun-lover. First of all, it has a live chat which is free to join. In just a click you move from game to game – the site is updated regularly, so there is something to choose from. Depending on complexity and themes that suit you best, you can make appropriate settings and save your time enormously. What I like most about Board Game Arena is that classic games, such as Backgammon, aren’t discriminated in today’s constant chase for newly-designed adaptations.

So, there are many options to choose from, so the advice can be such: choose for what suits you best and have fun. Today it’s no longer a problem to find interesting and graphically developed strategies, lotteries and abstract games, some of which have been described above.

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