What's involved in Game Development Process?

What's involved in Game Development Process?

Video gaming has become one of the most sought after entertainment activities that both young and old can participate in. For most players it’s exciting and also acts as a source of fulfillment when one wins a game, due to this; it has become very popular across the world.


Game development process

The process of game development has been perfected over the years. It has now become quite simple to build video games, both for the desktop computer, tablets and mobile phones. Today, most mobile phones come with a variety of complementary games already installed, with hundreds more available online. A game can be developed by an individual, an in-house team or by an external team. This software development process by which a video game is produced is divided into various phases. These are the concept, pre-production, production and the post production phases.



Every single video game out there, whether on a console, a mobile phone or a computer started as a concept or an idea that someone had. The concept is simply an idea plan on how the game will look like and what it will be all about. For instance, a futuristic 3D street racing game, a ninja fight where gamer control combatants or even a soccer match. The idea is then discussed with programmers and software developers in order to develop it into an actual game.


The pre-production phase

This is the next stage of the game development process. A pre-production team includes artists, writers, producers and software developers. Together, they will develop storyboards, create the story line and come up with the game’s main aims, designs and the blueprint. It is at this stage that programmers decide whether to choose iOS game development or android game development. Some games can be developed for the PC while others for gaming consoles. Once the game goals and controls are identified, the artists cans begin creating the game art. It is also important at this stage to consider pricing the game as they can generate an income.


Production stage

As soon as the game concept is drafted, the details are then developed. The story line is finalized and the game storyboard is built. The production phase is divided into various stages including design, develop and test. The design is catered by mainly the artists. It includes imaging and content. Development and functions is handled by programmers who will do the coding. It is then tested and validated on different scenarios in order to ensure high quality games are developed.


Post production phase

This phase basically involves deployment of the game to various places such as the app store. It is also marketed and its performance reviewed. Any changes necessary may also be included. It is possible today to find cross platform mobile development tools. These have been produced to enable game development across android and iOS platform. It becomes much easier to develop games on such a platform rather than choosing either the android game development platform or the iOS game development one.


Game development has become a simple process with many tools and platforms available. Gaming companies and fans of video games love fresh, new games and encourage developers to keep coming up with new more exciting and more challenging games.

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