Why Custom Web Development

Why Custom Web Development

Any functional company or business needs to have a website that people can go to if they need to find out more about their products and services. With the rampant rise of eCommerce, it is evident that companies that have online businesses need to embrace Custom web development if they are to cut through their niche and garner as many clients as possible. Web development can range from websites, phone and web applications, eCommerce services as well as social media platforms. Custom web development can be easily accomplished with the help of:



Like any other course, web development has its own prerequisite. A person interested in learning web development should have basic knowledge of computer science concepts like loops, decision statements as well as the procedures, programming that is object-oriented and also knows the basics of data structures such as hash tables, dictionaries, lists etc. One should also be very good at programming with Python. With all these in place then the following steps can be taken to learn custom web development for eCommerce.


PHP Web Development

This is usually done using HTML which has embedded codes that are used for a certain function like output or input of information. This PHP code is enclosed specially in stand and end processing instructions that enable the user to easily jump in and out of PHP mode. PHP web development is unique in that the code is executed on the server, generates the HTML which is then sent to the end user who cannot find out what code was used or how it was used. PHP web development is especially easy to understand for those who are new to web development but it also has other motions that are advanced which can be helpful to the programming experts. It can be used for server-side scripting, command line scripting, writing desktop applications. It can also be used all major OS like Linux, Microsoft, RICS, MAC OS X. Aside from that, it is supported by many of the web servers like Apache and IIS among many others.



For web developers, content management is core. This is where Drupal comes in. It is an open software that's written in PHP, which means anyone can open, use or share it without any restrictions. Drupal can handle traffic on the websites without causing the site to bend or crack. Anyone using Drupal for content management can add as much content as they desire without worrying that the system will go down once there is a lot of traffic on the page. It is strongly encrypted for the sake of security.



This is also another PHP language open source programming platform. Magento is used in eCommerce mostly because it is well organized thus enhancing the users' experience. This shopping cart and content management use MySOL and MariaDB, PHP and Zend framework.

Before a website takes shape you need to go through the following steps:



This is where you gather information concerning your website, the target audience, and the content.


Framework and Sitemap Creation

Your main ideas need to have a relationship that is clearly shown as well as how easily usable the end product will be.



Your website takes shape at this point. You include into your plan images, videos and other content that you require to be on your page.


Content Writing and Assembly

This is where all communication to your target audience is done. Information about the company, the services offered contacts and other elaborated messages that may be helpful to the user.



The homepage is created first then other sub-pages are added using the sitemap. It is important to ensure that your website gets search engine optimization.


Testing, Evaluation and Launching

You get to test whether your website is operational, what should be reviewed and finally launch it for public use.


Maintenance and Updating

This is important because you may need to make changes once in a while or update to a more fast and accommodative web depending on the amount of traffic that website brings.

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