Best Tips of Apple Watch

Best Tips of Apple Watch

Slick design in a fabulous look, apple watch is the most powerful wearable selling gadget in the market, designed and developed and launched by Apple Inc on 24 April 2015. Apple Inc. released it in four categories - Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Hermès, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch, each having special features and later second generation of Apple Watch launched in the market with two series - Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 with updated new features. You can connect the apple watch with your iphone (iphone 5 or later having version iOS 8.2 or later) in order to perform additional tasks like calling or either texting etc, with the use of wifi or bluetooth. Using it will add charm to your body and some best tips of apple watch you should know as -


Eject Water Mode

The second generation of apple watch having waterproof facility with eject mode which helps you to keep swimming by getting rid from water. Whenever you went for swimming, just tap the droplet icon and press it so that gadget will automatically eject the water.


Organize your apps in app dock

You can organize all of your apps in stake, each according to priority. You can customize app displayed, add app or remove app in app dock. One more facility like "all the information of app will synchronize first" will helps you to quickly access information from the favorite apps.


Apple Watch Bands

Apple Inc. is launching each month lots of new design of bands to add charm. Set your apple watch with band which suits your dress.


Unlock iWatch from your iPhone and Mac from you Watch

To unlock watch, there is no need to enter password as watch companion app will helps you to unlock iWatch with your iPhone by setting option off to on. This facility will work only when you have iWatch on your wrist and with the help of iWatch, you can unlock Mac but, make sure both mac and watch must be signed in same iCloud account.


Reply to Emails from your Wrist

It is very good feature of iWatch to send reply of a email in efficient comfort way whenever you travel or formally. Now, you don't need to pull iPhone from your pocket and send email through email or browser app when you are in public crowd.


Turn Your iWatch into a bedside Clock

Now, you don't need to purchase a new bedside clock and put Cell each time clock halt. You can simply put your iWatch in form bedside clock and you can set wallpapers of your iWatch to change to look of your bedside clock.


Add Music to your iWatch

Prepare a list in your iPhone and then, synchronize it with apple watch companion app. If it not works then, you need to connect your iWatch with charger and it is also important to connect wireless headphone via bluetooth so that you will be able to play mp3 (music).


GPS Tracker in iWatch

Tracking your current location and destination point from your wrist iWatch is too comfort and time saving process. It will help you to quickly access in perfect way, the right direction to reach the goal.


Play Games in iWatch

Feeling bored at the time of travel or waiting someone then, play games with iWatch.

Whatever you take advantage in iPhone, now you can also perform some such tasks like calculations, using calendars for perfect date select, net surfing, watching videos etc. under iWatch. It is bit expensive but worth product with shimmer look.

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