10 Best Tips Of Apple Macbook Pro

10 Best Tips Of Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro is the fourth generation release on 27th October 2016 and on 5th June, apple upgraded it's hardware configuration in terms of processors and graphics. Apple Macbook Pro having 13-inch and 15-inch models and replaced the function keys with multi touch Touch Bar and Touch Id Sensor. Touch Bar helps to control music volume, brightness of the screen, application having menus, quick shortcuts to work efficiently, slide pictures etc. While Touch Id feature helps to secure your OS in terms of login to your laptop and switch Mac user accounts and to secure payment processing which supports Apple Pay. All the digital information securely encrypted in the special apple chip. It is having better display due to upgraded graphics hardware configuration. It is lighter and thinner, very fabulous in look than previous versions of Apple Mac series. If you purchased such worthless product or having plan to purchase it then, check out below 10 best tips of Apple Macbook Pro in order to make yourself proud feeling as -


1. Send Huge File By Apple Mac iCloud

In gmail, yahoo or any other email service provider, there is always limit to attach a file in MBs in order to send it but, such restriction you will not see here. Now, with the help of iCloud, you can upload file up-to 5GB and send a link to the recipient to download it and he have up-to 30 days time frame to make it download.


2. Connect through your internet with your iPhone

Now, get connected your iMac with the internet with your iPhone through three ways -
i. With the help of hotspot feature under Settings - Personal Hotspot. ii. Connect your iPhone with USB Connect to your Apple Macbook Pro. iii. Bluetooth is the final option to get connected.


3. Record your iMac Screen with iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch's Screen

Yes, install Apple QuickTime lets you to record the Screen of your Apple Macbook Pro. All you need is to connect your iOS device as it could be iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Screen with your laptop and go-to file and choose the connected device as the camera source and press the record button to record everything running on the iMac. You can record tutorials to help others or record bug so that it helps developers to fix it easily.


4. Paste Copied Text in the file from the Web without Keeping it's formatting

Normally when we copy and paste contents from the web, text have same format as they set on the web but, only in Macbook Pro, it will directly convert in to normal format which saves your time.


5. With Airplay, connect wireless audio and video devices

Through your Apple Macbook or other iOS devices, you can now control audio of Airplay Speakers and also mirror display on your Apple TV in terms of big screen to stream it.


6. Keyboard Shortcut for Everything

In Apple Macbook Pro, you can specify your own keyboard shortcut to open an app. To set such feature, you need to go to - System Preferences - Keyboard - Application Shortcuts.


7. Sign Your Documents

This one is also the great feature of Apple laptop as for it, go-to Preview preferences and click on Signatures tab. You need to sign on white paper with black ink and put it on webcam to access your sign in app and save it so that you can use it in document files under Edit - Signature.

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